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Vigneto Podcast Wine Book Series, Episode 18, a conversation with MIke Madaio, author of Lost Mount Penn: Wineries, Railroads and Resorts of Reading

December 3, 2021

In this 18th episode of the Vigneto podcast, I speak with Mike Madaio,  a food and wine writer based outside of Philadelphia. His book is called Lost Mount Penn: Wineries, Railroads and Resorts of Reading where he recounts the history of this area and the German immigrants who brought vines, grew grapes, and drank wine here in the 1800s. This fascinating slice of history also led us to a discussion about the industry in Pennsylvania today and some grapes and producers Mike is following with interest. Our wide-ranging conversation also includes tips on writing, a special method to do so, and hints as to what he may be working on in the future. Take a listen.

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