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Vigneto Podcast Wine Book Series Episode 17: A Conversation with Author Steve Raye, Bevology Inc.

November 19, 2021

In this new series on the Vigneto Podcast, just in time for the holidays,  I speak with authors of books about different aspects of wine. My second guest of this series which is episode 17 of the podcast, I speak with Steve Raye, President of Bevology Inc. and author of "How to Get US Market Ready. Steve is an author and a marketing consultant with many years of experience helping brands create strategies for entering into the US market.

In our conversation about his book, we discuss some of his tips for entering the US market, experiences and ways to use this book as well as ideas for aspiring writers.  For those who are looking to get into the US market, this conversation and this book are helpful tools. Take a listen.

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