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Vigneto Podcast Wine Book Series: A Conversation with Author Alan Tardi

November 12, 2021

In this new series, just in time for the holidays,  I speak with authors of books about different aspects of wine. My first guest for this new series is Alan Tardi,  an author, a journalist, a former chef and restaurateur, a wine expert, and an educator. Alan has written two books on wine, one on his experiences living in Piedmont called Romancing the Vine: Life, Love, and Transformation in the Vineyards of Barolo and his second more recent book,  Champagne, Uncorked:The House of Krug and the Timeless Allure of the World's Most Celebrated Drink. Our conversation about his books, his life in Piedmont as the 701st inhabitant of a small town, and his writing process will make you want to curl up with a glass of Champagne or Barolo. Take a listen.

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