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Vigneto Podcast - A Conversation with Luca Formentini of Selva Capuzza, an Italian Winery

September 10, 2021

Listen to the latest episode in this second series of the Vigneto Sustainability Podcast. Together with Luca Formentini, owner of the Selva Capuzza winery near Lake Garda, we discuss his views on sustainability within the winery, restaurant, and hospitality arms of his business.

We touch on packaging, transportation, the weight of wine bottles, as well as fertilizer, pesticides, water and energy use, among other issues.

Luca has been very focused on creating a circular economy within his winery and his environment. Luca is also a former President of the Lugana Consortium as well as of other consortium in his part of Lombardy.

In those roles, Luca advocated for sustainable practices as well and has been interested in the topic for many years. Take a listen to our wide-ranging chat. 

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