Vigneto - A Podcast

Vigneto Podcast - A Conversation with Deborah Brenner, Founder & CEO of Women of the Vine & Spirits

July 2, 2021

In this Episode of the Vigneto Podcast, Susannah Gold and co-host Sunny Gandara speak with Deborah Brenner, Founder & CEO, Women of the Vine & Spirits and the President, Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation, Ltd. 501c3. We discussed many issues impacting women in the wine industry including the pandemic, sustainability, diversity, mentorship, access to opportunities and the unique constraints and problems involved in our industry. We also speak about Deborah's 2006 book called Women of the VineĀ and about how many programs her organization has for its 7000+ members. We discuss her foundation and the work they are doing to advance women in the industry. Take a listen to our wide-ranging conversation with one of the visionaries of the wine world.

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